The Company’s land criteria is to focus on both Green and Brownfield sites, as well as strategic sites, and typically anything from a single plot to sites with the potential for 500+ units.


Key personnel within the business are experienced and qualified to address intricate planning and technical issues and make it their mission to add value to sites through successfully negotiating angles within the planning framework.

Land Acquisition is headed by Land Director, Steve O'Halloran, together with Development Director, Tim Vincent, and essential support from Land Buyer, Luke Bargman. Leading the way on planning matters is Chartered Town Planner, Andrew Munton, whilst Managing Director, Richard West, is still very active in the land acquisition process, as well as concentrating on the long term business strategy. Together the team has over 90 years' experience and is further supported by a highly skilled group of dedicated planners, architects and other consultants.


If you would like to discuss your land ownership and the potential options, please contact Richard, Steve, Tim or Luke on 01306 877500 or email from the links below.


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    Land Director

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    Development Director

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    Land Buyer

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